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The most beautiful seaside city on the continent is located where the waters of the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean meet. On the main street, Gorlero, all types of shops can be found , art galleries , a handicraft market , casinos and a variety of restaurants.

Punta del Este is the most important and exclusive resort of South America. Located a few kilometers from Montevideo and one hour from Buenos Aires, this peninsular city is known for hosting international tourism.

This city offers a wide range of activities, miles of beautiful coastline and ocean waters, houses with magnificent gardens and the most incredible sunsets. It is known as the St. Tropez of South America. The whole of Punta del Este is an attraction, it is a garden city with beautiful homes, luxurious buildings, wide avenues and boulevards all around. The tidiness of this city is hard to find in other parts of South America. It offers fantastic cuisine, casinos, tours, excursions and the best summer night life.

With the construction of the International Airport, the city has consolidated as an epicenter, offering direct flights to the main capitals of the region, making of Punta del Este a new economic pole. In an increasingly globalized world, where traditions are lost and cities become global, Punta del Este is known for keeping its roots and identity, and considered one of the safest tourist destinations in Latin America.

Weather: Punta del Este in spring boasts enjoyable temperatures during the day (18 °C to 22 °C) and cool nights.

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