Business Round Table

Sponsors of the Business Roundtable:


On November 10, a Business Roundtable will be held in parallel with the technical paper presentations. Business opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean will be put forth. Challenges in the region’s energy sector, project portfolios, business climate, regulations, types of contracts, and sources of funding will be discussed. Key players will come together; government agencies, companies in the sector, analysts, investors, suppliers of goods and services.

Aim of the Business Roundtable

The business roundtable is a forum that aims at informing about the main business opportunities in the energy sector and its fuel chain. In addition , it strives to put in direct and personal contact chief officers at main government organizations throughout the continent, business and financial groups, analysts and investment developers, products and services providers, as a way to create a network that facilitates the development of the energy sector in the region. On-site activity is enriched with networking opportunities.

Who should be presenters?

State agencies responsible for energy sector development looking for investment and funding for potential projects, searching for offerors interested in setting up agreements with the infrastructure building sector, looking for potential interested parties in participating in the upcoming tenders for energy supply and other investment opportunities.

Energy sector businesses (public, private and mixed enterprises) looking for financial leverage, capital investments or capitalization through share issue, debt bonds, trust sharing, funding for specific projects.

Consultants and suppliers of products and services seeking not only for greater regional visibility but also wishing to promote their product portfolio.

Banks and investments funds interested in the opportunities offered by the energy sector in the region as a way to introduce their credit products and financial services.

Who should attend?

Corporate executives and managers , investors, business developers and analysts, as well as professionals at energy companies with operations or interests in the region.

Representatives from government agencies responsible for developing policies concerning energy products and services, energy sector regulations, operations and management of energy markets; also responsible for project development in the sector, fuel supply chain, electric power generation, transmission and distribution, environmental permits.

• Executives, managers, and business professionals who provide technologies, products and services to the value chain in the electricity sector.

Executives at banks , investment funds, consulting agencies, law firms and others who provide the sector with resources and services.

Executives at businesses considered as large consumers, large generators of electricity for its own use and sale of surplus energy.

Communications media and analysts.

How to interact with presenters and specialists?

Through our Networking service, interaction can be carried out with the presenters and organizers of the business roundtable a month before the event takes place.

*Reference material will be distributed by the presenters at the beginning of the roundtable.




Coffee Break

Opening Conferences

Current conditions of the region’s investment climate and trends

Future scenarios of global and regional businesses.

.Networking Opportunities

Future development of conventional energy generation

Vision regarding availability and marketing of fuels for energy generation. Oil products, conventional and non-conventional natural gas, LNG

Conditions for the development of non-conventional renewable energies

The business of gas-electricity energy transmission and its synergies


Development of a regional investment portfolio in Latin and Central American countries.

Networking Opportunities
Business opportunities in Latin and Central American countries.